Back to school essentials

Start the new term with a colourful and exciting update to your backpack and desktop essentials, from NASA stationery to space-themed water bottles.

Science Museum Planet Erasers
Periodic Table A5 Notebook
Lab Goo Rainbow Slime
Astronaut Lip Balm Set
Pen spy 1
Periodic Table Glasses Case
Periodic Table Coloured Pencils
Periodic Table Storage Bag
Science Museum NASA Pin Badge
Periodic Table Portable USB Charger
Science Museum NASA Logo Keyring
Science Museum 50 Year Calendar Keyring
Jetpack Backpack
LDN Stationery Set Space
Twiddle Pen
Hype X Science Museum Astronaut Backpack
Glow-in-the-dark Playfoam
Hype X Science Museum Pencil Case Silver
Science Museum NASA Pencil Case
Science Museum Periodic Table Magnet Set
Science Museum Mathematic Equations Magnetic Bookmark
Science Museum GCHQ Ballpoint Pen
Playfoam Classic 4 Pack
Periodic Table Water Bottle