Light up your home with an elements-inspired candle or decorative piece.

Newton's Cradle
To the Trains Replica Sign
Wooden Radiometer
Frame for Small Flying Scotsman Side View Print
Great Gathering Evening Print
Embroidered Galileo Decoration
Hightide Large Hourglass Clear
Gold Heavy Metals Hourglass Timer
Periodic Table Candle
Pin Art
Hightide Hourglass Small Clear
Science Museum Soyuz Money Box
Wald X Science Museum Paper Moon Clock 3
Flip Click Clock Walnut
2016 Flying Scotsman Returns to York Station Mounted Print
Frame for Large Flying Scotsman Side View Print
GWR Railway Wall Clock
LDN PENT Bar Chair Air Tool Pentatonic
LDN PENT Chair Air Tool Pentatonic
LaB6 Sorrel and Lemon Thyme Candle
LaB6 Frankincense and Sweet Myrrh Candle
LaB6 Fig and Green Apple Candle
Wild & Wolf Retro Telephone Red
LDN Stool Lab KW3 SOR 3

Add a touch of warmth to your with one of our science-themed, decorative pieces and elements-inspired candles.