Fashion and jewellery gifts

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Our fashion and jewellery gift selection is just the ticket… to space, a virtual reality, or mathematical equations. Shop T-shirts, Necklaces, Stationery and more.

Science Museum Human Ingredients Blue T-shirt - Clothing - Science Museum Shop
Curiscope Children's Virtuali-Tee T-shirt
Jetpack Backpack
Astronaut Moon Drop Earrings
Periodic Table Storage Bag
Hype X Science Museum Reflective Speckle Backpack
Science Museum Astronaut Suit Pyjamas - Clothing - Science Museum Shop
Science Museum Space Hoodie - Clothing - 1
GWR Guards Gift Set
Flying Scotsman Socks
Flying Scotsman Cashmere Scarf
Flying Scotsman Cap
National Railway Museum I Do All My Own Shunts T-shirt - Clothing - Science Museum Shop
National Railway Museum Mallard 4468 Jumper
Science Museum Kids Pom Pom Planets Sweatshirt - Clothing - Science Museum Shop
Chatty Feet Einstoe Socks
Curiscope Virtuali-Tee T-shirt - Clothing - Science Museum Shop
Laika Enamel Badge
Science Museum NASA Logo Keyring
Science Museum 50 Year Calendar Keyring
Root7 X Science Museum Northern Lights Water Bottle
LDN Water Bottle Nebula 1
Periodic Table Water Bottle
Mini Molecube Keyring Puzzle