Gifts under £30

Science-inspired gifts for less than £30

LDN Stationery Set Space
Science Museum NASA Logo Mug
Planetaria Mug
Hexbug Scarab
Junk Yard Drummer Robot Kit
IQ Buster Ball Trap Puzzle
LDN PMAP T-Shirt Planet Map
LDN Apollo Kids T-Shirt 1
Science Museum Space Paper Clips
Science Museum Apollo 10 Keyring
LDN Water Bottle Nebula 1
Science Museum Monster Truck Kit
Smartmax Magnetic Kit
Beaker Creatures Lab Set
Logiblocs Spy Secret Recorder Kit
Science Museum Helicopter Mechanics Kit
Squishy Brain Kit
Putty Planet Set 9 1
Astronaut Stud Earrings
Science Museum NASA Worm Logo T-shirt
Stomp Rocket Planes
Flying Scotsman Cap
Newspaper Moon Landing 1969 1
Science Museum NASA Logo Keyring

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