Update your home with science-themed kitchen, dining, bedroom and outdoor accessories.

Newton's Cradle
LDN Rocket Cardboard Den
Glow in the Dark Solar System
To the Trains Replica Sign
National Railway Museum Flying Scotsman Single Duvet Set
Television Watching Chair Cushion
LDN Water Bottle Nebula 1
Colour Change Planets Mug
First Class Passengers Mug
Planetaria Mug
Projector Torch Space Rocket 1
Moon In My Room
The Star Mug
LDN Stationery Set Space
Science Museum NASA Pencil Case
Science Museum Periodic Table Magnet Set
Glow in the Dark Stars & Planets
Science Museum Constellation Lamp
National Railway Museum Mallard Pint Glass
Great Gathering Evening Print
Science Museum Planet Erasers
Fine Bone China Flying Scotsman Mug
Science Museum NASA Logo Mug
Periodic Table Coloured Pencils

Explore galaxies and stars in the comfort of your house with our space-themed homeware. From mugs to lights, our accessories are breath-taking and practical.