Key Stage 2 toys & gifts

Science Museum This Book Thinks You're an Inventor
Curiscope Children's Virtuali-Tee T-shirt
Science Museum Scientific Laboratory Kit
Science Museum Crystal Laboratory Kit
Science Museum Physics and Engineering Lab Kit
Science Museum Chemistry Kit
Prism Discovery Kit
Real Fossil Excavation Dig Kit
Gemstones Excavation Dig Kit
Electrokit 198 Experiments
Science Museum Cyber Talk Robot
Science Museum Robomaker Kit
Insectoid Robot Kit
Mechanics: Gears and Worm Drives Kit
Science Museum Mio The Robot Kit
Science Museum Remote-Control Police Car Kit
Structures: Building and Bridges Kit
Kit Plants Science 1
Electrokit 15 Experiments
Volcano Making Kit
Science Museum Ecobot
Robo Kombat Battle Pack
Science Museum Mind Coding Robot
Tin Can Cable Car

Help older children engage with science with Key Stage 2 collection.