Conduct your own experiments and learn more about science with our exciting range of science kits.

Science Museum Crystal Laboratory Kit
Science Museum Chemistry Kit
Kitchen Chemistry Set
Logiblocs Spy Tech Kit
Chemistry Set
Science Museum Scientific Laboratory Kit
Booms Bangs Fizzes Science Chemistry Set
Real Fossil Excavation Dig Kit
Prism Discovery Kit
Primary Science Colour Mixing Glasses
Science Museum Cyber Talk Robot
Science Museum Walking Bot
Science Museum Ecobot
Create a geode kit
60 Second Paper Planes kit
Mechanics: Gears and Worm Drives Kit
Gemstones Excavation Dig Kit
Science Museum Potato Clock
Science Museum Bubble Science Kit
Volcano Making Kit
 Playground engineering kit box
Plants Science Kit
Science Museum Space Mechanics Laboratory Kit
Motorized Solar System

Conduct your own fun experiments with our Science Museum science kits. Our kits are great for learning about history and science, or sometimes both.