Conduct your own experiments and learn more about science with our exciting range of science kits.

Electrokit 198 Experiments
Solar Robot
Insectoid Robot Kit
Weather Science Kit
Science Museum Mind Coding Robot
Science Museum Robomaker Kit
Science Museum Drinks Can Robot Kit
Tin Can Cable Car
Build a Morse code kit box
Electrokit 15 Experiments
Science Museum Phosphorescent Crystals Kit
Junk Yard Drummer Robot Kit
Squishy Brain Kit
Smartmax Magnetic Kit
Beaker Creatures Lab Set
Science Museum Monster Truck Kit
Kit Spy Science 1
Science Museum Slime Laboratory Kit
Science Museum Helicopter Mechanics Kit
Logiblocs Spy Secret Recorder Kit
Tiny Science Kit
Robo Kombat Battle Pack
Science Museum Police Car Kit
Robot Workshop Kit

Conduct your own fun experiments with our Science Museum science kits. Our kits are great for learning about history and science, or sometimes both.