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An accessible yet enlightening handbook exploring London's rich history as a world-leading city of science. Richly illustrated with a myriad of scientific and mathematical instruments, drawings, paintings and maps.

Science City explores London as a world-leading nexus of administration for ambitious scientific projects, as well as a place to obtain exceptional scientific equipment.

Science City is published to accompany a new gallery at the Science Museum.

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Many cities around the world could claim to have a rich scientific history. However, between 1550 and 1800, London fostered its very own particular brand of scientific enquiry and practice. Home to the world-famous Royal Society - which boasts membership from figures such as Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton - London encouraged and facilitated scientific expansion.

Key features:

  • Authors Alexandra Rose; Jane Desborough
  • Publisher Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers
  • Hardback, 176 pages




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