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    Chatty Feet Einstoe Socks

    Make your feet look smarter with these colourful Einstoe Socks from Chatty Feet. The extremely soft, novelty socks are made from combed cotton and produced in Portugal. A great science gift for any physics students or fans of Albert Einstein, the Einstoe socks will be a fun conversation starter…

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    Copernican Worldview Print

    This print is plate 5 from the 1708 edition of the star atlas 'Harmonica Macrocosmica' by the Dutch-German mathematician and cosmographer Andreas Cellarius. 

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    Diamond Ring Print

    View of the Diamond Ring Effect seen during a partial phase of the total solar eclipse which occurred on February 26th 1998.

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    Eclipse Phases Print

    This print features a montage sequence of 35 images in a sequenced array running from first contact to totality. 

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    Fidget Retro Game Controller

    Fiddle and Fidget whenever and wherever. This highly addictive fidget device has 8 finger fidgeting functions, making it the ultimate stress-relief device. Fidget Retro Game Controller is a battery free joystick pad that is perfect for reducing stress and tensions. Suitable for anyone everywhere,…

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    Global Warming effects Mug

    Support the efforts to help educate the world about the consequences of our warming world, with this heat senstive mug that reveals the scary reality of the effects of global warming. Parts of the mug disappear as they are heated with your morning brew, leaving behind an accurate representation of…

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    Glow-in-the-dark Playfoam

    Out-of-this-world squishy, squashy, shaping fun with Glow in the Dark Playfoam! Award-winning Playfoam® provides completely mess-free creative play fun for both children and adults. Simply shape the glow-in-the-dark foam into anything you can imagine before squashing it and starting it all over…

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    Lab Goo Rainbow Slime

    This flask of gooey slime is filled with all the colours of the rainbow! Great for sensory play any time of the year and perfect for parents who do not want the mess of making slime in their kitchen!

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    Midget Fidget Spinner

    The Fidget Midget is a tiny but perfectly formed fidget spinner. Relaxing, soothing addictive and fun you can place the fidget midget on the end of your finger and let it spin. This addictive device just keeps going and going. Use at home, or in the office; this gadget is a great stress reliever.

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    Multiplication Tables Game Cube

    Who said learning your times tables was tricky?! Little fingers and curious minds will be in awe of the ZooBooKoo Multiplication Tables Cube as they follow the arrows, turning the cube in all directions. With each turn you will reveal times tables from 1 to 12 along with numbers 1 to 12 written in…

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    Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich Space Food

    Enjoy your neapolitan ice cream just as the Astronauts do - the freeze-dried way! Neapolitan Ice Cream has been used aboard space missions since the early Mercury Missions. It, and other space food, continues to be used on NASA missions today. The pack contains one freeze-dried ice cream sandwich…

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    Playfoam Classic 4 Pack

    Playfoam is a completely mess free creative play resource that is great for sensory play! This Learning Resources award winning product helps develop fine motor skills for little hands. The nontoxic formula makes this best selling Playfoam great for safe creative play. It doesn't stick to hands,…

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    Primary Science Colour Mixing Glasses

    These fantastic, child-size, Primary Science Colour Mixing Glasses guarantee colour-mixing fun. Engage young scientists with bright colours and chunky pieces and encourage early learners to explore primary and secondary colours by mixing the plastic lenses up to view the world in different…

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    Quentin Blake's ABC

    'A is for Apples, some green and some red B is for Breakfast we're having in bed.' With a simple rhyming text and characteristically brilliant illustrations from Quentin Blake, this wonderful ABC is an absolute must for young children just getting to grips with their alphabet. Author: Quentin…

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    Quentin Blake's Nursery Rhyme Book

    In this brilliant collection of traditional rhymes, Quentin Blake is in his element. Come and join him and meet the fabulous Handy spandy (Jack a Dandy), Jack Sprat, Gregory Griggs (with twenty-seven wigs), Terence McDiddler the three-stringer fiddler and many, many more!! Author: Quentin Blake.…

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    SOL Poster

    Astrology illustration of Leo ruled by the Sun (Sol) from the Fifteenth Century Lombard Manuscript De Sphaera.

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    SOL Print

    Astrology illustration of Leo ruled by the Sun, 15th Cen. 

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    Science Museum Compass Keyring

    Exclusive to the Science Museum Group. Add some functionality to your set of keys with the Compass Keyring. The Compass Keyring is a silver metal keyring with a world epoxy insert featured on two sides with a compass inset on one side. The Compass Keyring features the Metal Science Museum Charm on…

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    Science Museum Eclipse Eye Mask

    Enter a deep sleep and total darkness, just like an eclipse with this Eclipse Eye Mask that features images from a 2016 Eclipse seen from Palu, Indonesia.

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    Science Museum Eclipse Notebook

    Using images from a 2016 solar eclipse that was witnessed from Palu, in Indonesia, the thought-provoking design of this hardback A5 lined notebook will get help put pen to paper. Find matching stationary, including a pen and pencil, from the Eclipse range from The Sun: Living With Our Star…

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    Science Museum Eclipse Pencil

    Get up close to the detail of the solar eclipse with this pencil featuring a full colour digital wrap of images from the 2016 phenomenon that was observed from Palu, Indonesia. This pencil is a great add-on item to go with the matching notebook and pen from The Sun: Living With Our Star exhibition…