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    Science Museum The Sun: One Thousand Years of Scientific Imagery

    Of all natural phenomena, the Sun perhaps has the greatest power to move and inspire us. Dazzling, beautiful, powerful, mysterious – the Sun, which gives us life and shapes our concept of time, has fascinated people throughout history. This book, written to accompany The Sun: Living With…

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    Science Museum Mathematics: How it Shaped Our World

    Discover how maths is at the heart of our lives in this beautifully-illustrated paperback Mathematics: How it Shaped Our World book, created to accompany our landmark new Mathematics: The Winton Gallery at the Science Museum, London. Throughout society, politics and culture, we see the work…

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    Art of Innovation From Enlightenment to Dark Matter

      Authors Ian Blatchford; Tilly Blyth. Publisher Bantam Press. Hardback. 320 pages. Based on the landmark Radio 4 series, and Science Museum exhibition, this modern history of the connections between science and art reveals a new perspective on what that relationship has contributed to the…

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    Science City Craft Commerce and Curiosity

      Authors Alexandra Rose; Jane Desborough. Publisher Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers. Hardback. 176 pages. An accessible yet enlightening handbook exploring London's rich history as a world-leading city of science Richly illustrated with a myriad of scientific and mathematical…

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    Stephenson's Rocket Manual

    In the hardback Stephenson's Rocket Manual book, discover Stephenson's Rocket, one of the most famous steam locomotives of all time. Designed by Robert Stephenson, with input from this father, George, Rocket set the fundamental design template for almost all the locomotives that followed…