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Pick up the exhibition book, children's picture led solar books and matching Eclipse stationery.

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    Embroidered Galileo Decoration

    This beautifully crafted Galileo decoration will be a great addition to your Christmas tree this year. With rich colours and handmade featuring the famous creator of the telescope this is a perfect gift for any astronomy lover!

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    Science Museum Eclipse Notebook

    Using images from a 2016 solar eclipse that was witnessed from Palu, in Indonesia, the thought-provoking design of this hardback A5 lined notebook will get help put pen to paper. Find matching stationary, including a pen and pencil, from the Eclipse range from The Sun: Living With Our Star…

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    Science Museum Eclipse Pencil

    Get up close to the detail of the solar eclipse with this pencil featuring a full colour digital wrap of images from the 2016 phenomenon that was observed from Palu, Indonesia. This pencil is a great add-on item to go with the matching notebook and pen from The Sun: Living With Our Star exhibition…

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    Science Museum Fiery Sun Magnet

    This fiery sun magnet will add an interesting element to any fridge, the magnet features a fiery red sun design that will brighten up any room.

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    Science Museum Planetarium

    Step inside the pages of this beautiful book to discover galleries of galactic matter, expertly curated to bring you the experience of a fascinating exhibition from the comfort of your own home. Planetarium features all aspects of space, from the Sun and our Solar System, to the lives of stars, the…

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    Science Museum The Sun: One Thousand Years of Scientific Imagery

    Of all natural phenomena, the Sun perhaps has the greatest power to move and inspire us. Dazzling, beautiful, powerful, mysterious – the Sun, which gives us life and shapes our concept of time, has fascinated people throughout history. This book, written to accompany The Sun: Living With…

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    Science Museum Why Does the Sun Shine?

    This book takes a playful, informative look at the importance of the sun to life on Earth. Quirky scenes, simple text and friendly flaps answer charming questions such as 'how does the sun help us?' and 'why are some places hotter than others?' and 'where does the sun go at night?'.