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Using imagery from within the exhibition, vintage posters and stunning photography these prints and posters will be a perfect addition to any room.

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    Copernican Worldview Print

    This print is plate 5 from the 1708 edition of the star atlas 'Harmonica Macrocosmica' by the Dutch-German mathematician and cosmographer Andreas Cellarius. 

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    Diamond Ring Print

    View of the Diamond Ring Effect seen during a partial phase of the total solar eclipse which occurred on February 26th 1998.

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    Eclipse Phases Print

    This print features a montage sequence of 35 images in a sequenced array running from first contact to totality. 

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    SOL Poster

    Astrology illustration of Leo ruled by the Sun (Sol) from the Fifteenth Century Lombard Manuscript De Sphaera.

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    SOL Print

    Astrology illustration of Leo ruled by the Sun, 15th Cen. 

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    Sun Face Illustration Print

    This print features a bright illustration of a Sun face. 

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    Sunspots and Veiled spots Print

    Lithograph of group of sunspots and veiled spots; observed 17 June 1875.