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Using imagery from within the exhibition, vintage posters and stunning photography these prints and posters will be a perfect addition to any room.

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    1839 Aurora Borealis Print

    Engraving by Rapine after Bevalet, of an Aurora Borealis observed at Bossekop (Finmark, in northern Norway), on 19 January 1839. Illustration from 'Electricity and Magnetism' by Amedee Guillemin (1826-1893), published in London in 1891.

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    1860 Sunspot Print

    Painting made in oil distemper and lampblack on paper by James Nasmyth (1808-1890), comparing the size of a sunspot to that of the Earth. Working from sketches made directly at his telescope, he used his considerable artistic skill to produce this 1860 portrayal of the Sun. A succesful…

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    Copernican Worldview Print

    This print is plate 5 from the 1708 edition of the star atlas 'Harmonica Macrocosmica' by the Dutch-German mathematician and cosmographer Andreas Cellarius. 

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    Diamond Ring Print

    View of the Diamond Ring Effect seen during a partial phase of the total solar eclipse which occurred on February 26th 1998.

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    Eclipse Phases Print

    This print features a montage sequence of 35 images in a sequenced array running from first contact to totality. 

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    SOL Poster

    Astrology illustration of Leo ruled by the Sun (Sol) from the Fifteenth Century Lombard Manuscript De Sphaera.

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    SOL Print

    Astrology illustration of Leo ruled by the Sun, 15th Cen. 

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    Sun Face Illustration Print

    This print features a bright illustration of a Sun face. 

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    Sunspots and Veiled spots Print

    Lithograph of group of sunspots and veiled spots; observed 17 June 1875.

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    Thrill of a Lifetime Poster

    A2 glossy poster showing a poster for the 'Thrill of a Lifetime'.