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    Quartz Pendant Necklace

    This Quartz necklace will add a bit of sparkle to any outfit. Shape and size of quartz may vary. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Astronaut Moon Drop Earrings

    Show your love of all things space with these Astronaut earrings! Fearing an Astronaut on the moon, these drop earrings will complete any outfit. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Astronaut Star Drop Earrings

    Mix and match earring set, with one Astronaut drop earring and a co-ordinating moon stud. Perfect for any aspiring astronaut or astronomer. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Quartz Ring

    This Smoky gilded quartz geode ring will add an interesting space element to any outfit!. This design is an assortment, so colour and size of stone may vary. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Astronomical Rock Necklace

    Carry part of space with you as you wear this funky Rock sphere necklace! Assorted designs and matching items avaliable. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Astronaut Stud Earrings

    Stud earrings featuring floating Astronauts, the perfect gift for any space enthusiast. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Astronaut on the Moon Ring

    Be closer to space with this Astronaut ring! A perfect stocking filler or gift for any space enthusiast. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Relativity Watch

    The Relativity Watch is the first watch where the numbers rotate around the face of the watch, proving unequivocally that time is relative. With a smart leather band and japanese quartz movement tell the time with a science twist everyday.

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    Jetpack Backpack

    Pack your backpack and prepare for launch! Blasting on the shuttle to outer space? The jetpack backpack is great for flying around wherever you go, from docking at the shop, to orbiting the park. The backpack has plenty of space for all your missions and for storing the essentials for launch-time.…

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    Science Museum Brain Anatomy Tote Bag

    Update your wardrobe with our exclusively designed, anatomically correct Brain Anatomy Tote Bag. Our Anatomy range makes use of historical medical drawings and diagrams of the human body, including original illustrations from the Science Museum’s collection. The brain diagram is inspired from a…

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    E=MC2 Scarf

    Stay cosy this year with the cashmere-blend E=MC2 Scarf, a super soft grey scarf with the E=MC2 design running through it as a nod to the famous scientist Albert Einstein. This scarf is an Authentic Scottish Product, woven by skilled craftsman on modern jacquard looms near the picturesque…

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    Science Museum Space Cat Beanie Hat

    Space Cat beanie hat. Delight your kids with our adorable and exclusively designed Space Cat range! Our Space Cat range takes inspiration from the French feline Félicette, the first cat to have been sent into space by any country and survived. On November 18th 1963 Félicette was sent…

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    Mini Skewb Keyring Puzzle

    If you fancy a challenge why not try the Mini Skewb Keyring puzzle. The 12 coloured faces Skewb Keyring is a real challenge for puzzlers. The puzzle can rotate in any direction, and you need to solve it by getting a solid colour on each side.

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    Mini Molecube Keyring Puzzle

    Once you get your hands on the Molecube keyring, you’ll be hooked. Precision craftsmanship creates a smooth spinning puzzle that glides like silk through your hands. Then there’s the puzzling piece. Can you get 9 unique colours on each side? Give it a spin. It’s a six-sided…

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    Backwards Hourglass Keyring

    Put colour in your moments, whether as a cooking timer or office relax timer, with the Backwards Hourglass Keyring. The ideal gift idea, watch the grains gently flow up instead of down for 1.5 minutes. The Paradox hourglass keyring measures 4.1 x 2 x 5 cm

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    Watch Building Block Kit

    Design and build your own watch with the Watch Building Block Kit! This kit allows you to change the look and feel of your watch as often as you like. All the building blocks are black light responsive for that night-time glow under a UV lamp. The timepiece itself has a quality quartz movement…

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    Science Museum Mathematic Equations Tyvek Wallet

    Keep your money safe in our exclusive Mathematic Equations Tyvek Wallet with a design inspired by famous mathematics and physics equations. Tyvek is an incredibly strong material Tyvek made from flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers which makes it difficult to tear but can easily be cut with…

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    Science Museum + Zaha Hadid Tote Bag

    Our exclusive Mathematics: The Winton Gallery Zaha Hadid Tote Bag from Zaha Hadid Architects features a central illustration of a Handley Page Gugnunc Aircraft and the turbulence fields surrounding it, with the turbulence lines elegantly extended to form the handles of the tote. This spacious bag…

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    Science Museum Eclipse Eye Mask

    Enter a deep sleep and total darkness, just like an eclipse with this Eclipse Eye Mask that features images from a 2016 Eclipse seen from Palu, Indonesia.

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    Equation Watch

    Love a challenge? Try telling the time on this equation watch! Each hour has been replaced with an equation equalling the usual number. Impress your friends with your maths skills or give the maths geek in your life a gift they will truly cherish.