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Ever wondered about your IQ? Challenge your IQ is perfect for you! Pack of 50 large cards featuring a series of Mensa tests covering logical thinking, problem solving, number and shape manipulation. Cards in a handy box. Perfect for ages 14+.

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  • Age Group: 14+
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IQ Challenge Review

"I think these IQ test puzzle challenges are excellent. So far I've done the first 4 tests and have got the following scores out of 30: Test one:13, test two:15, test three:9 and test four:11. This means so far my average score is 12 out of 30. It indicates my IQ is average. This is a slight disappointment for me since on many tests I get above average scores, although I do realise my IQ is never Mensa level. My main area of weakness and difficulty in these tests are the word solving questions. I am not so good at those. I do well at the number puzzles and those puzzles involving shapes. I reckon these tests have been greatly composed and I have great respect for the author who composed them. I will however point out that these tests seem to be more geared towards the determination of a classic IQ rather than a culture free IQ. My experience seems to show that I generally score considerably higher on culture free IQ tests than classic IQ tests. The main reason is that culture free tests don't usually have a lot of word solving in them and they don't test comprehension which I am sometimes poor at. I really like the number test questions and it was a real gift to get questions on the basic arithmetic of fractions. This is very elementary for me since I have an A level in Maths. My general summary of the IQ test cards is that they are great I reckon for measuring classic IQ because they test all different aspects of intelligence. Since attempting test one though I knew that my scores would be not all that great because I'm only excellent at Culture Free IQ tests."

Posted by John Carpenter  /  7th December 2018

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