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Explore an astronomical range of gifts inspired by space for budding astronauts.

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    Astronaut on the Moon Ring

    Be closer to space with this Astronaut ring! A perfect stocking filler or gift for any space enthusiast. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes

    Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries? These are just some of the questions considered in the internationally acclaimed masterpiece by the world renowned physicist - generally considered to have been one of the world's…

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    Clicformers Space Set

    Build 4 space vehicles with this ingenious Clicformers set. The enclosed guide sheet shows how to make all the vehicles. All Clicformers sets are compatible with each other and let you build with endless possibilities. Kit includes: 4 Decoplates 15 Squares 2 Hexagons 1 Arch 2 Domes 4 Mini…

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    Colour Change Planets Mug

    Featuring beautiful original portraits of the solar system, this mug is perfect for any space or astronomy enthusiast. The perfect addition to any tea break!

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    Columbus in Space

    This stunning book, Columbus in Space, recounts the story of the Columbus laboratory from vision to mission, revealing everything from the daily operations that keep it humming, to the cutting-edge science that takes place inside. In 2008, Europe’s first space laboratory was launched to the…

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    DIY Pocket Telescope

    This DIY Miniature Pocket Telescope is a great gift for gadget lovers. With its easy assembly you will be looking through its refractive lenses in no time. Features: Easy to assemble Folds down flat for storage Adjustable focus Easy to follow construction guide 2 high-quality resin lenses

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    Engino Space Exploration

    Get creative and put your model building skills to the test with Engino Space Exploration. Choose from 5 models to build; Future Space Transport Bus, Rocket, Space Robot, Landing Pod or a Space Shuttle. This kit is great for children aged 6-12. Key Features: Snap-fit connectivity in any…

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    History of Space Travel Jigsaw Puzzle

    Once completed this 500-piece History of Space Travel puzzle highlights key aspects in the development of space travel. The puzzle shows detailed images of each spacecraft, spacesuits and a mission timeline. Also features a foldout poster, that shows what the puzzle will look like completed but…

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    Quartz Ring

    This Smoky gilded quartz geode ring will add an interesting space element to any outfit!. This design is an assortment, so colour and size of stone may vary. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Rock Sphere Earrings

    Accessorize your ears with these Rock sphere drop earrings. This design is an assortment, so rock colouring may vary. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Science Museum Embroidered Astronaut Decoration

    This Science Museum Exclusive fabric Astronaut decoration with metallic thread detail, is the perfect decoration for any space-enthusiast! A great addition to any Christmas tree or as a yearlong decoration.

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    Science Museum Embroidered Laika Decoration

    This Science Museum Exclusive fabric decoration representing Laika, the first dog to go to space is a great decoration for any space and science-enthusiast. A perfect addition to any Christmas tree or as a yearlong addition to any living space.

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    Space Expedition Virtual Reality Kit

    Learn about and explore the constellations, past space expedition and much more with this Virtual Reality Kit. This interactive discovery system is all you need to head into space, project the stars with the Star Planetarium and use the Explorer Activity Guide to see reality come to life.