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    1860 Sunspot Print

    Painting made in oil distemper and lampblack on paper by James Nasmyth (1808-1890), comparing the size of a sunspot to that of the Earth. Working from sketches made directly at his telescope, he used his considerable artistic skill to produce this 1860 portrayal of the Sun. A succesful…

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    Science Fiction Playing Cards

    Take your card games to whole new worlds with this set of Science Fiction themed playing cards. These cards are a celebration of Sci-Fi and its cast of robots, rockets, aliens, androids, Martians and monsters…from terrific movie posters to takcy pulp covers. 'Explore strange new…

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    Eclipse Phases Print

    This print features a montage sequence of 35 images in a sequenced array running from first contact to totality. 

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    SOL Print

    Astrology illustration of Leo ruled by the Sun, 15th Cen. 

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    Science Museum Mathematic Equations Magnetic Bookmark

    Never lose your place in a book again with the Mathematic Equations Magnetic Bookmark, deisgned exclusively by the Science Museum. Simply snap it over a few pages to keep your place and move when needed. Inspired by famous mathematics and physics equations, the design shows Heron's formula, Pi,…

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    Copernican Worldview Print

    This print is plate 5 from the 1708 edition of the star atlas 'Harmonica Macrocosmica' by the Dutch-German mathematician and cosmographer Andreas Cellarius. 

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    Science Museum 50 Year Calendar Keyring

      Find the day of the week for any future date up to 50 years from now with the stainless steel 50 Year Calendar Keyring, engraved with the Science Museum logo on the back. Just line up month and year at the top of the dial to reveal the matching monthly calendar at the bottom of the dial. …

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    Diamond Ring Print

    View of the Diamond Ring Effect seen during a partial phase of the total solar eclipse which occurred on February 26th 1998.

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    Anyone who’s ever written anything will know that accidents happen – the pressure of a deadline, the furore of creativity, or the lack of spellcheck – can all add up to multiple mistakes that need correcting. Help identify these print-based afflictions using Vitapens - ten…

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    Einstein Pen

    Jot down all of your genius theories with our Einstein Pen. This writing utensil is sure to give you the inspiration you need while brainstorming your next big idea.The Einstein Pen measures 2.8 x 1.8 x 15.2 cm

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    HAY Small Gold Tray

    Add a touch of glamour to your home or desk and store your keys, jewellery or loose change on this small Gold Tray. Made from stainless steel with gold-coloured coating, the oval tray is perfect for using as a decorative piece. Designed by the Danish design studio, Hay. The…

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    Sun Face Illustration Print

    This print features a bright illustration of a Sun face. 

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    Science Museum Periodic Table Magnet Set

    Explore the elements of the periodic table while your tea's brewing using the snap-apart magnetic chemical elements of this Periodic Table Magnet Set, designed exclusively for the Science Museum. First published in 1869 by Dmitri Mendeleev, the periodic table is one of the most important references…

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    SOL Poster

    Astrology illustration of Leo ruled by the Sun (Sol) from the Fifteenth Century Lombard Manuscript De Sphaera.

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    The Medicine Cabinet: The Story of Health and Disease Told Through Extraordinary Objects

      Authors Natasha McEnroe; Selina Hurley. Publisher Andre Deutsch. Hardback. 256 pages. The Medicine Cabinet is a beautifully curated and expertly written compendium of over 100 astonishing objects related to the story of medicine. Each object is cared for by London's Science Museum,…

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    Art of Innovation From Enlightenment to Dark Matter

      Authors Ian Blatchford; Tilly Blyth. Publisher Bantam Press. Hardback. 320 pages. Based on the landmark Radio 4 series, and Science Museum exhibition, this modern history of the connections between science and art reveals a new perspective on what that relationship has contributed to the…

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    Science Museum Medicine: An Imperfect Science

      Author Natasha McEnroe. Publisher Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers. Hardback. 240 pages. An accessible, illuminating handbook exploring the eclectic history of medical collecting. This is the official companion to a spectacular suite of new Medicine galleries due to open at the Science…

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    My First Book of Quantum Physics

    The world of quantum physics is an amazing place, where quantum particles can do weird and wonderful things, acting totally unlike the objects we experience in day-to-day life. How can atoms exist in two places at once? And just how can a cat be dead and alive at the same time? Find out more with…

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    Periodic Table - Visual Guide

    The Periodic Table is one of the most recognizable images in science - and in our culture. Its 118 elements make up everything on our planet and in the entire universe. But how many of us actually know how to interpret its distinctive design? And what does its unique arrangement tell us about the…

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    Emotional Life of Your Brain

    Why we behave the way we do has been the life study of pioneering neuroscientist Richard Davidson. Helping us to understand our own emotional responses and discover our unique 'emotional style', Davidson & Begley also show how we can retrain our brains through mindfulness and…

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    Science Museum The Sun: One Thousand Years of Scientific Imagery

    Of all natural phenomena, the Sun perhaps has the greatest power to move and inspire us. Dazzling, beautiful, powerful, mysterious – the Sun, which gives us life and shapes our concept of time, has fascinated people throughout history. This book, written to accompany The Sun: Living With…