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    Atom Kinetic Mobile

    The molecule-like trios of spheres on this desk-top mobile spin and twirl gracefully as the central pendulum swings. The base holds a battery-powered motor and spins a powerful magnet, which in turn exerts a force on the pendulum, which incorporates magnets that influence the movement of the three…

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    Einstein Money Box

    The fun and functional ceramic Einstein Money Box displays Einstein'’s famous equation E=MC2, reminding you that all things are relative and you should start saving for a rainy day! The piggy bank measures 18cm x 10cm x 10 cm

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    HAY Small Gold Tray

    Add a touch of glamour to your home or desk and store your keys, jewellery or loose change on this small Gold Tray. Made from stainless steel with gold-coloured coating, the oval tray is perfect for using as a decorative piece. Designed by the Danish design studio, Hay. The…

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    Science Museum Potato Clock

    Have traditional batteries had their chips? This Science Museum Potato Clock serves up a whole new kind of eco-friendly energy all powered by potatoes!  The kit comes complete with wires, transparent tape, copper and zinc strips - all you'll need is a couple of simple spuds to get…

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    Light Stax

    The Light Stax contains 12 colourful light-up blocks that you can arrange however you'd like to create a fun, unique lamp. The little blocks light up once connected to another piece, with the power coming from the black base. Use as a fun light, art piece or night light, there are 3 settings…

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    Plasma Ball Lamp

    The Plasma Ball is quite fascinating to watch and play with; just place your fingers on the glass surface and watch as coloured bolts of glowing light follow your every move. You can actually feel the energy as the light gently tickles your fingertips. The Plasma Ball glass sphere measures 15.24 cm…

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    Science Museum Brain Anatomy Tea Towel

    Our Anatomy range makes use of historical medical drawings and diagrams of the human body, including original illustrations from the Science Museum’s collection. Take home our exclusively designed Brain Anatomy Tea Towel for an anatomically inspired kitchen accessory. The brain diagram is a hand…

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    Science Museum Anatomy Magnet Strip

    Take home our exclusively designed Anatomy Magnet Strip featuring the range of anatomical prints and illustrations that feature across our anatomy range; from a skull, brain, skeleton and heart. Our Anatomy range makes use of historical medical drawings and diagrams of the human body, including…

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    LED Party Balloon String Lights

    Adorn any celebration or party with these colour change super bright low energy LED balloon lights. Simply blow up the coloured balloons, switch on and string across the room to create an instant party feel. The lights inside the balloon will rotate through red, yellow and green. Each set of 10 LED…

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    Twister Colour Changing Lamp

    Create a water show on your desk with the Twister Lamp! A colour changing liquid filled lamp that creates a tornado-like vortex. Powered by batteries (not included) but also includes the options of being run off the mains (cable not included). It makes a perfect light for your child's bedroom or as…

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    Rocket Night Light

    Blast off in to dream land with this Rocket Night Light! This playful design will fit right in to any child's bedroom or playroom to provide soft light all night long. The Rocket Night Light includes 1 x USB cable The night light measures 15x15x29cm. 3 x AA Batteries not included.

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    Rose Gold Round Galaxy Light

    Light up your room with the Galaxy Light! The Galaxy Light is an intricately painted glass lamp that emits warm light and a multi faceted colour. The Galaxy Light is made from glass and metal. For indoor use only. The Galaxy Light measures W15 x H17.5cm. Bulb required for the Galaxy Light is an…

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    Science Museum Floating Globe

    The Floating Globe is a classic addition to any desktop or workspace, with a solid base that floats through the use of magnets. The globe helps to support learning about the Earth and space and looks great too! The floating globe is a full map of the Earth and includes special information from the…

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    Chemistry Flask Terrarium Kit

    Everyone's favourite piece of the chemistry set; a conical lab flask! Made with a difference, this conical lab flask is designed with a window in the side for creating a terrarium. The kit contains all you need to build a mini eco-system, just add your own plants! Includes: soil sand …

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    Science Museum Mathematic Equations Cushion

    Smarten up your sofa with our square Mathematic Equations Cushion, exclusive to the Science Museum. The cushion features a design inspired by famous mathematics and physics equations such as Schrodinger's equation, the Yang-Baxter equation, Razor's edge and Fibonacci's sequence amongst…

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    30 Minute Sandtimer

    Made of science grade borosilicate glass, this 30 Minute Sandtimer brings science chic into the home. The hourglass is unashamedly scholarly, unapologetically nerdy and undeniably cool. A great tool for helping improve focus and efficiency when carrying out tasks.The glass sandtimer measures 18 x…

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    Backwards Hourglass Keyring

    Put colour in your moments, whether as a cooking timer or office relax timer, with the Backwards Hourglass Keyring. The ideal gift idea, watch the grains gently flow up instead of down for 1.5 minutes. The Paradox hourglass keyring measures 4.1 x 2 x 5 cm

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    Scientific Timeline Measuring Tape

    This tape measure, that extends to 10ft, is filled with fun and fascinating facts. A great gift for inquisitive kids and geeky grown-ups (or anyone who needs a tape measure). 60 facts from the scientific to the ridiculous in Metric and Imperial.

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    Pocket Telescope

    Take a closer, more detailed, look at the world with this short-draw telescope, that has a 2.5x magnification that will enlarge objects that are relatively closeby. A beautiful gift as it is encased in a smart polished box, with brass corners and an iconic anchor motif.

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    Space Masher

    Mash your way into a new galaxy with this Space Masher. Featuring a Rocket design this potato masher will make sure your spuds are out of this world.

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    Newton's Cradle

    One of the most classic desktop kinetic toys: Newton's Cradle. Pull back one of the metal spheres and then release to make it connect with the others, sending the impact energy through the chain and making the sphere on the other end react with equal force. This educational desktop gadget is…