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    Space Masher

    Mash your way into a new galaxy with this Space Masher. Featuring a Rocket design this potato masher will make sure your spuds are out of this world.

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    Newton's Cradle

    One of the most classic desktop kinetic toys: Newton's Cradle. Pull back one of the metal spheres and then release to make it connect with the others, sending the impact energy through the chain and making the sphere on the other end react with equal force. This educational desktop gadget is…

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    Pin Art

    Pin Art is the great retro gift from the 80's. Create your own work of art by pushing your face, fist or any other part of your body against the pins. Once you are fed up with your sculpture you can simply turn it over, so the metal pins fall back into place and create a new and unique master…

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    Space Rocket Bottle Opener

    This Rocket Bottle Opener is just perfect for bottle top lift-off time! A great gift for space fans and rocket enthusiasts.

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    LED Clock

    This Borderless LED Clock is the perfect addition to your home or office. This modern time piece is a clock without edges, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any white wall using the integrated wall mount. Take advantage of the timed dimmer function to reduce the bright LED’s to an unobtrusive…

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    Glass Sputnik Decoration

    This Silver Glass Sputnik hanging decoration will add a bit of science to your Christmas tree this festive season.

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    Gold Heavy Metals Hourglass Timer

    Take three minutes out of your day to relax, brew your tea or brush your teeth with this Gold Heavy Metals Hourglass Timer. The Paradox hourglass timer measures 8.5 x 2 x 7.3 cm

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    Dymaxion Folding Globe

    Fold this little paper Dymaxion Folding Globe to form a geometric globe or unfold to reveal our flattened planet.In 1946, Buckminster Fuller patented a map of Earth which presents geographic information without breaks in any of the continental contours, or any visible distortion of the relative…

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    Wooden Horseshoe Magnet

    This Wooden Horseshoe Magnet is strong enough to hold your dish towel, office papers, shopping list or family photo. The horseshoe is a symbol of good fortune and fertility. As a magnet, it is especially powerful, having twice the lifting strength of a bar magnet. Made of beech wood, the horseshoe…