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    Slime Workshop

    Follow the step-by-step instructions to make slimes to squish, stretch, poke, and play with, including Glow-in-the-Dark Slime, Fluffy Slime, Fishbowl Slime, Unicorn Slime and more. Along with fun variations, this irresistible full-colour guide outlines the essential equipment and ingredients, the…

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    Plants Science Kit

    Delve into the wonders of leaves, seeds and roots with the Plants Science Kit. Through a number of fun and educational experiments, little ones will learn how plants germinate, the best growing conditions and basic biology principles which they can take into the classroom. 

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    Weather Science Kit

      Let little ones learn about the scientific marvels behind clouds, rainbows, thunderstorms and lightening through the fun-packed experiments found in the Weather Science Kit. With a set of easy-to-use equipment, budding scientists can build their own weather station with a wind speed…

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    Tiny Science Kit

      Have fun experimenting with precision scientific instruments! Mini instruction book guides kids through 20 tiny experiments. High-quality science equipment to perform real science. Wonderfully small size makes it perfect for backpacks, sleepovers, or on-the-go adventures. Comes with a…

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    Science Museum Ecobot

      Construct and clean up with the desk-sized Ecobot, which little ones can build from scratch. Equipped with a dual-axis electric motor, as well as an extender shaft and fan, this new companion will dislodge and suck up small pieces of dust and crumbs. When it’s not hoovering, the bot…

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    Science Museum Walking Bot

      Bring a robot to life ! A twin-axle motor operates through various gears, enabling the robot to walk. With its moving joints, the little robot actually moves and walks like a real bionic four-legged friend! The illustrated manual is full of scientific information to guide the child in…

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    Science Museum Mechanics Buggy Quad Kit

    A complete scientific kit to discover all the secrets of four-wheeled off-road vehicles. Build 2 dynamic models of a Dune buggy and quad and discover the way transmission mechanisms work. This Science Museum Mechanics Buggy Quad Kit contains more than 130 interchangeable components including:…

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    Retro Console Phone Case

    Turn your iPhone into a retro gaming device with this Retro Console Case. Slot this case onto your iPhone 6, 7 or 8 and enjoy 99 retro games on the go, you'll never be bored again! Phone not included. Compatible with iPhone 6/7/8.

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    Science Museum NASA Umbrella

    Protect yourself from the rain with this Science Museum Exclusive NASA Umbrella. The square umbrella features the NASA 'worm' logo.

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    Science Museum Quentin Blake Kids Apron

    Cook up a storm, or get creative with this Quentin Blake Kids Apron featuring illustrations from Quentin Blake. With a front pocket to store materials, and wipe clean surface this apron will keep them mess free!  In 2018, Quentin Blake was commissioned to illustrate twenty of the most famous…

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    Science Museum Quentin Blake Kids T-Shirt

    In 2018, Quentin Blake was commissioned to illustrate twenty of the most famous scientists featured in the Science Museum’s collection. This 100% cotton t-shirt features artwork on a white background and Amy Johnson and 'Jason'. This t-shirt is the perfect gift for any young…

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    Quentin Blake's Magical Tales

    Quentin Blake's Magical Tales is a wonderful collection of more than a dozen tales of magical fun from all over the globe. Retold in wonderful detail by long-time Quentin Blake collaborator John Yeoman, these stories sparkle with enchantment, adventure and beautifully imagined far away places.…

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    Brief Answers to the Big Questions

    Throughout his extraordinary career, Stephen Hawking expanded our understanding of the universe and unravelled some of its greatest mysteries. But even as his theoretical work on black holes, imaginary time and multiple histories took his mind to the furthest reaches of space, Hawking always…

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    Make It: Snowflake

    Make your own Christmas decorations with Make It: Snowflake, the book that will inspire and teach you how to create gorgeous handmade papercrafts for the festive season. The simple idea of a snowflake has been harnessed to create 15 original designs that incorporate the myriad patterns of the…

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    Matilda (Astrophysicist: Matilda At Thirty)

    The original, magical story with a brand new cover from Quentin Blake! October 2018 marks 30 years since Matilda was published! This brand new jacket comes with a never-before-seen illustration of Matilda as an astrophysicist - one of the careers that Quentin Blake himself has imagined that Matilda…

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    Little Scientist Board Book Set

    The Little Scientist Board Book Set is a set of colourful illustrated portraits of women who have made a historical and scientific impact on the world. The Book Set includes four books, and is a perfect introduction for young scientists.

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    Periodic Table Portable USB Charger

    Never run out of power again with this handy Periodic Table USB charger keyring. Approximately one full phone charge (may vary due to model and age of phone)

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    Science Museum History Heroes: London

    History Heroes’ LONDON quiz card game contains fantastically illustrated, fact-packed, individual cards of forty of the greatest characters in the Capital’s impressive history. The game contains the people, who helped make and shape London both physically and culturally. Characters, who built…

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    Science Museum History Heroes: Space

    History Heroes’ SPACE quiz card game contains individual cards of forty of the most significant characters in Space. In this era of renewed fascination and ever-increasing hunger for space exploration, History Heroes’ SPACE game gives a fantastic overview of 40 characters and objects that have…

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    Astronaut Moon Drop Earrings

    Show your love of all things space with these Astronaut earrings! Fearing an Astronaut on the moon, these drop earrings will complete any outfit. Colour of metal may vary. 

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    Astronaut Star Drop Earrings

    Mix and match earring set, with one Astronaut drop earring and a co-ordinating moon stud. Perfect for any aspiring astronaut or astronomer. Colour of metal may vary.