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    Science Museum Quentin Blake Kids T-Shirt

    In 2018, Quentin Blake was commissioned to illustrate twenty of the most famous scientists featured in the Science Museum’s collection. This 100% cotton t-shirt features artwork on a white background and Amy Johnson and 'Jason'. This t-shirt is the perfect gift for any young…

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    Science Museum Quentin Blake Pencil Tin

    This tin features three scientists from the Quentin Blake illustrations commisioned for the Science Museum. Complete with sweets inside this is the perfect gift for aspiring scientists, use the tin again to store stationery or some more sweet treats. In 2018, Quentin Blake was commissioned to…

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    Science Museum Quentin Blake Kids Apron

    Cook up a storm, or get creative with this Quentin Blake Kids Apron featuring illustrations from Quentin Blake. With a front pocket to store materials, and wipe clean surface this apron will keep them mess free!  In 2018, Quentin Blake was commissioned to illustrate twenty of the most famous…

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    Quentin Blake's Magical Tales

    Quentin Blake's Magical Tales is a wonderful collection of more than a dozen tales of magical fun from all over the globe. Retold in wonderful detail by long-time Quentin Blake collaborator John Yeoman, these stories sparkle with enchantment, adventure and beautifully imagined far away places.…

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    Robot Wars Head to Head

    This pack includes super robots Impulse and Royal Pain!

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    Robot Wars Matilda

    Get hands on with the destructive Robot Wars Matilda! Grab the robot and battle with your friends.

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    Robot Tobbie STEM

    Tobbie will be your new best friend! Construct the robot, and interact with it in it's two modes; follow me and explore. Tobbie, and his six legs, will provide hours of entertainment.

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    Robot Chameleon

    This Robo Chameleon will be your new best friend! Complete with a cool colour changing body, realistic eyes and a tail that moves when he walks this Robo Chameleon will provide hours of fun. There is a 3 step challenge to collect his 'food', move, aim and catch the food with it's tongue. Comes with…

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    Little Scientist Board Book Set

    The Little Scientist Board Book Set is a set of colourful illustrated portraits of women who have made a historical and scientific impact on the world. The Book Set includes four books, and is a perfect introduction for young scientists.

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    Science Museum History Heroes: London

    History Heroes’ LONDON quiz card game contains fantastically illustrated, fact-packed, individual cards of forty of the greatest characters in the Capital’s impressive history. The game contains the people, who helped make and shape London both physically and culturally. Characters, who built…

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    Science Museum History Heroes: Space

    History Heroes’ SPACE quiz card game contains individual cards of forty of the most significant characters in Space. In this era of renewed fascination and ever-increasing hunger for space exploration, History Heroes’ SPACE game gives a fantastic overview of 40 characters and objects that have…

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    Beaker Creatures Biohome Set

    This children's science kit comes with a reactor pod, classification cards, two posters and much more. Explore the world of the Beaker Creature in this Biohome Kit.

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    Create a geode kit

    Create your very own Geode with this kit. Perfect for any young child interested in geology, follow the simple step by step instructions and watch their wonderous geode grow.

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    Robot Kickabots Twin Pack

    These Kickabot’s are small but mighty! Play football, bowling or collector race with these interactive gaming robots, each pack comes with two controllers so play against your friends and family. These fun robots have robotic ball shooting abilities, 4 directional control and LED backlit face.

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    Robot Wars Arena

    Battle Impulse and Royal Pain against each other in this Robot Wars Battle Arena. Let the ultimate machine challenge commence in this insane battle ground!

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    History of Space Travel Jigsaw Puzzle

    Once completed this 500-piece History of Space Travel puzzle highlights key aspects in the development of space travel. The puzzle shows detailed images of each spacecraft, spacesuits and a mission timeline. Also features a foldout poster, that shows what the puzzle will look like completed but…

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    Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime

    Get ready to become a master of slime with these fifteen DIY recipes from YouTube sensation Karina Garcia! With step-by-step instructions, you'll finally learn how to make Liquid Gold Slime, Glow-in-the-Dark Slime, Balloon, Slime and more from easily available, harmless household ingredients.…

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    Slime Workshop

    Follow the step-by-step instructions to make slimes to squish, stretch, poke, and play with, including Glow-in-the-Dark Slime, Fluffy Slime, Fishbowl Slime, Unicorn Slime and more. Along with fun variations, this irresistible full-colour guide outlines the essential equipment and ingredients, the…

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    Planet Putty

    Learn about the solar system in a fun and tactile way with Planet Putty! The assorted putty comes in a variety of colours to reflect the planets in our solar system. Squish, squeeze and mould the putty and store by placing back inside the planet capsule. Please note: the planet putty will be…

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    Pro Bubble Maker

    Keep the children entertained for hours with the Pro Bubble Maker! With the ability to make bubbles up to 40 feet long there is so much fun to be had. Includes: 2x wands 1 length of rope 1x bottle of bubble solution

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    Plants Science Kit

    Delve into the wonders of leaves, seeds and roots with the Plants Science Kit. Through a number of fun and educational experiments, little ones will learn how plants germinate, the best growing conditions and basic biology principles which they can take into the classroom.