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Understand what’s in the air around you with this portable and stylish air pollution sensor by Flow. Use with its namesake app on your phone or tablet for personalised recommendations on how to minimise your exposure to the pollution in the outdoor air.
Tracking the three main categories of pollutants with direct impact on our health (Nitrogen Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds and Particulate Matter), this sensor is the first and only portable sensor with comprehensive tracking. The always-on measurement gives an immediate breakdown of your daily exposure and uses GPS data to build out air quality maps.
Key features:
• The first and only portable air pollution sensor with 24 hour battery life and a 2.5 hour charge time. Helps you to understand the air quality around you and how to minimise your exposure.
• Uses GPS to build air quality maps.
• Ideal for Android and iOS devices. Requires app installation.

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Safety warning

Read safety instructions enclosed before operating device. Do not open the housing under any circumstance. Do not attempt to repair or modify the device. Laser radiation when open. Avoid direct eye exposure.

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