Kitchen Chemistry Set


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What's cooking today? Use this award winning, innovative and safe children's kitchen chemistry set of 40 experiments to cook up some foodie fun using common household ingredients.

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You'll find things that fizz, stretch and change colour as you experiment with lemon, vinegar, soap, salt, eggs and much more. Measure acids and alkalis, learn about chemical reactions, enzymes and mixing - all key concepts in the National Curriculum that you can put to the test. You'll even end up with a few results that look good enough to eat.

Ten sets of investigations will leave your science skills sharpened and your cooking credentials in credit.

Set includes:


pH strips

pH card

Powdered red and blue food colouring




Test tubes x 3

Test tube bung

Cardboard test tube holder

Black card (for use in an experiment)

Plastic pipette


Plastic spoon

50ml measuring beaker

100ml beaker

Activity mat

Pen- for use with the activity mat

‘Spot the hazards’ safety poster


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package dimensions

\n36.5 x 25 x 6 cm

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