Nuraphone Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Experience a personalised music experience with the Nuraphone wireless headphones. Hear your favourite tunes like never before, with the world’s only headphones that automatically learn and adapt to how you hear music.
Whether it’s through adjustable bass levels, varying noise cancellation or your ear’s comfort, these earphones change their settings based on your in-app profile and your surroundings.
The in-and-over-ear design combines in-ear buds with the over-ear drivers, to leave you with crystal clear sound quality that makes you feel closer to your music.
Key features:
• The world’s only headphones that learn and adapt to how your hear music, with adjustable bass levels, noise cancellation settings and cooling technology on the headphones themselves.
• The in-and-over-ear design offers crystal clear sound quality.
• Ideal for Android and iOS devices. Requires app installation.

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