Rocketbook Everlast A5 Notebook Black


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Never lose your notes or to do lists again with the Everlast notebook. While this looks like another traditional notepad in your stationery collection, this notebook is endlessly reusable and connects to your phone or tablet’s apps.
Choose your favourite pen from the Pilot Frixion line and write on the Everlast pages. When you do this, you’ll see that the writing sticks and cannot be erased. When you add water, the notebook erases, like magic.

You can even save your notes with the Rocketbook app, so before deleting them, you can share these to your Google Drive, slack or Evernote, making your projects or life admin perfectly seamless and organised.
Key features:
• Provides a traditional writing experience but the notebook is endlessly reusable and connected to your cloud services.
• Ideal to sync with the Rocketbook app.

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Synthetic blend paper

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