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    3D Spaceship

    Build a 3D model of your very own futuristic spaceshop, discover what a space suit is and learn all about the technological advances made to the vehicles that explore space!

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    Fold-Out Solar System

    Discover the Solar System with this Fold-Out book. The illustrated book comes with facts and fascinating imagery, perfect for young aspiring astronomers or astronuats.

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    To the Moon and Back

    To the Moon and Back is in celebration of the Apollo 11 Mission's 50th Anniversary. This pop-up adventure will help you experience the awe and excitement of humankind's first steps on the moon! Including Buzz Aldrin's firsthand accounts of the mission, historical context, stunning images, and…

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    Space Cats 2019 Calendar

    This 2019 wall calendar will get your sides splitting as you flip from month to month and see cats in space doing the most bizzare things! This humerous calendar provides you with 13 full-color pictures of cats pigging out, fighting with space swords, and eating spaghetti amidst the galaxy…

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    Colour Change Planets Mug

    Featuring beautiful original portraits of the solar system, this mug is perfect for any space or astronomy enthusiast. The perfect addition to any tea break!

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    Science Museum NASA Worm Logo Mug

    Sip your morning coffee the way the astronauts do with a NASA Worm Logo Mug, designed exclusively for the Science Museum.

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    Science Museum NASA Magnet

    Make your fridge truly out-of-this-world with the exclusively designed Science Museum NASA Magnet. This handy magnet will help hold a future astronaut’s homework on the fridge.

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    Science Museum The Sun: One Thousand Years of Scientific Imagery

    Of all natural phenomena, the Sun perhaps has the greatest power to move and inspire us. Dazzling, beautiful, powerful, mysterious – the Sun, which gives us life and shapes our concept of time, has fascinated people throughout history. This book, written to accompany The Sun: Living With…

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    Rocket Bottle Stopper Light

    Now you can give a new lease of life to pieces of glassware with the Rocket Bottle Stopper Light. Shaped just like a Rocket that fits perfect into old bottles you can transform your parties with an out-of-this-world light feature.

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    Space Rocket Bottle Opener

    This Rocket Bottle Opener is just perfect for bottle top lift-off time! A great gift for space fans and rocket enthusiasts.

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    Astronaut Duck

    Add a bit of space to bathtime, this fun Astronaut Duck will entertain all ages as it takes bathtime to a whole new level!

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    Galaxy of Her Own: Amazing Stories of Women in Space

    From small steps to giant leaps, A Galaxy of Her Own tells fifty stories of inspirational women who have been fundamental to the story of humans in space, from scientists to astronauts to some surprising roles in between. From Ada Lovelace in the nineteenth century, to the women behind the Apollo…

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    Glow in the Dark Solar System

    Bring our galaxy into your bedroom with this glowing model solar system. Use the clear string to hang eight planets from your ceiling. Detailed on the packaging are the names of each planet so you can display them in their positions within the Solar System. This product is educational and makes a…

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    Glow in the Dark Stars & Planets

    Kids will love to plot the planets and make a cosmic display with these self-adhesive glow planets and stars. Decorate your room and accessorise your stuff with these glow-in-the-dark designs. Just expose the stickers to a light source for a few minutes, turn off the light and watch them…

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    Astronaut Lip Balm Set

    A lip balm set that is out-of-this-world! This set of 3 fragranced lip balms are perfect for budding astronauts. Not tested on animals.

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    Ground Control to Major Tim

    Aimed at children inspired by Major Tim Peake's adventures in space, this 32-page book looks at the history-making career of the man who, in 2016, became the first British astronaut to live and work on the International Space Station. During his time on board the ISS, Tim Peake carried out…

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    Science Fiction Playing Cards

    Take your card games to whole new worlds with this set of Science Fiction themed playing cards. These cards are a celebration of Sci-Fi and its cast of robots, rockets, aliens, androids, Martians and monsters…from terrific movie posters to takcy pulp covers. 'Explore strange new…

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    Science Museum Soyuz Magnet

    Feel part of the International Space Station crew with the Science Museum Soyuz Magnet. As the European Space Agency's first British astronaut, Tim Peake spent six incredible months aboard the International Space Station. The Soyuz capsule is currently the only means of transporting humans to…

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    Science Museum Soyuz Money Box

    Feel part of the crew on board the International Space Station with the hand-painted Soyuz Money Box. As the European Space Agency's first British astronaut, Tim Peake spent six incredible months aboard the International Space Station. The Soyuz capsule is currently the only means of…

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    Planetaria Mug

    The perfect gift for a fan of space! A vegan friendly mug with Planetaria design which is dishwasher and microwave safe. The design features all primary planets (and dwarf planet) that compose our solar system!

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    Planetaria Coaster Set

    Set of 9 cork backed lacquer coated coasters in Planeteria design. The design features all primary planets (and dwarf planet) that compose our solar system; a great gift for a fan of space! The coasters come in a matching gift box and measure 10 x 10cm.