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    Retro Console Phone Case

    Turn your iPhone into a retro gaming device with this Retro Console Case. Slot this case onto your iPhone 6, 7 or 8 and enjoy 99 retro games on the go, you'll never be bored again! Phone not included. Compatible with iPhone 6/7/8.

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    Retro Arcade Machine

    Head back in time with this Retro Acarde Machine. Take with you wherever you go and have hours of fun playing the selection of 200 retro games. This robust little console contains a myriad of 8-bit games including sports, puzzles, shoot ‘em ups and arcade fantasy to test your skill and dexterity.…

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    Periodic Table Portable USB Charger

    Never run out of power again with this handy Periodic Table USB charger keyring. Approximately one full phone charge (may vary due to model and age of phone)

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    Wall Climbing Car

    Have hours of outdoor and indoor fun with this Wall Climbing Car. Watch in amazement as this remote controlled car climbs up walls using clever vacuum suction to stick to the surfaces that you direct it to. Comes with a remote control.

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    Hand Controlled Car

    This nifty car uses hand gestures to move and be directed. With realistic headlights this hand controlled car will be whizzing round your room, complete with remote control.

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    Mini Drone X20

    Take this mini drone outside or have some indoor fun, this quadcopter is a compact flying machine that features a full set of features such as headless flight mode, automatic take-off and landing and it can even perform flips! The Mini Drone will stay steady in the air, and has the latest…

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    Video Drone XSUW-D

    Fly, take pictures and send the images straight to your smartphone using the App. See what the Drone sees in real-time with the camera lense that has a 90 degree range, and watch how it stays in the air due to the lastest gyro-stabilisation technlology. The Video Drone will fly for 7 minutes, and…

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    Cyber Flyer

    With a fantastic lightshow and no controller needed, this Cyber Flyer is a great present. To fly the Cyber Flyer simply swipe your hand underneath and the in built sensor will control the flight. 8 minute flight time and comes with a USB cable.

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    Bluetooth Headphones

    Free yourself of wires, with these Bluetooth headphones. Perfect for listening to music on the go or whilst working out. Featuring soft cushioned ear pads for comfort, compatible with most Smartphones. They feature soft cushioned ear pads for maximum comfort and are compatible with most…

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    Wireless Charger Base

    Need battery in a hurry? This wireless charger will have your Smartphone refuelled in no time. Simply connect the wireless charger to a power source and place your phone on top of it, simple. Compatible with iPhone 8, 8+, X, Samsung galaxy S7 edge, S8, S8+. Micro USB charger cable included. 

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    Science Museum Light Up Watch

    Touch once to tell the time, this Science Museum branded watch also shows the date. Comes in three bold colours. 

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    Newton's Cradle

    One of the most classic desktop kinetic toys: Newton's Cradle. Pull back one of the metal spheres and then release to make it connect with the others, sending the impact energy through the chain and making the sphere on the other end react with equal force. This educational desktop gadget is…

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    Rocket Bottle Stopper Light

    Now you can give a new lease of life to pieces of glassware with the Rocket Bottle Stopper Light. Shaped just like a Rocket that fits perfect into old bottles you can transform your parties with an out-of-this-world light feature.

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    Commodore 64 THEC64 Mini Computer

    Get your retro gaming hat on with the Commodore 64 THEC64 Mini Computer. It's 1982 and a new home computer graces the scene. Out goes the silent black and white experience and in with 64KB of RAM, colour graphics, and synthesizer sound. Roll forward 35 years and kick nostalgia into…

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    Smartphone Controller SEGA

    Play your favourite classic Sega games on your Android mobile phone with a Sega Smartphone Controller. The Saturn shaped controller with removable smartphone holder that makes playing games on your mobile device easier than ever. The Controller features a D-pad and buttons in line with the classic…

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    DIY Pocket Telescope

    This DIY Miniature Pocket Telescope is a great gift for gadget lovers. With its easy assembly you will be looking through its refractive lenses in no time. Features: Easy to assemble Folds down flat for storage Adjustable focus Easy to follow construction guide 2 high-quality resin lenses

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    Robo Kombat Battle Pack

    Robo Kombat are awesome battling robots with power fists. Become the ultimate robot battler with the Robo Kombat Battle Pack and battle with friends or against AI. Activate AI mode by battling your unmanned opponent and the robot will miraculously fight back. These amazing robots have a vast range…

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    Pokibot Portable Robot

    Pokibot Portable Robot is a fun miniature interactive robot that can move, spin, dance and even talk. Sound activated, clap your hands and this quirky little 8cm robot will playfully respond as his mouth and eyes light up. With robotic voice play back you can store up to 3 recordings that he can…

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    Mini Skewb Keyring Puzzle

    If you fancy a challenge why not try the Mini Skewb Keyring puzzle. The 12 coloured faces Skewb Keyring is a real challenge for puzzlers. The puzzle can rotate in any direction, and you need to solve it by getting a solid colour on each side.

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    Mini Molecube Keyring Puzzle

    Once you get your hands on the Molecube keyring, you’ll be hooked. Precision craftsmanship creates a smooth spinning puzzle that glides like silk through your hands. Then there’s the puzzling piece. Can you get 9 unique colours on each side? Give it a spin. It’s a six-sided…

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    Cosmic Christmas Decoration

    Christmas Decoration featuring a Cosmic design, the perfect addition to any astronomy enthusiast's Christmas tree!