Gifts under £50

Our selection of gifts under £50 is bursting full of space, tech and engineering fun & games. How about an experimental chemistry set or if space is their jam, play dress up as an astronaut or hover using an almighty jetpack?

Chemistry Set
Deep Space Home Planetarium And Projector 1
GeoSafari Motorized Solar System
Science Museum Space Christmas Jumper
Cool Circuits
Plasma Ball Lamp
NASA Retro Galaxy Lamp
Science Museum Cyber Talk Robot
Jetpack Backpack
Air and Water Power
RC Mini Quadcopter
World's Smallest RC Helicopter
Solar System Night Light 1
Northern lights projector in box
Wooden Radiometer
Robot Tobbie STEM-1
Electrokit 198 Experiments
Pandemic Board Game
Science Museum Space Hoodie - Clothing - 1
Solar System Coat Hook 2
Hype X Science Museum Reflective Speckle Backpack
Hype X Science Museum Space Backpack Pastel
Science Museum Medicine: An Imperfect Science
Engino Space Exploration