Puzzles and games

Puzzles, games and trivia to test your mind and have fun along the way with friends and family

Mensa Genius Test Game
Human Body Game Cube
Cool Circuits
Where On Earth Game
Multiplication Tables Game Cube
Solar System Game Cube
Outer Space Glow in the Dark Puzzle
Plasticine Sculpt Game
History of Space Travel Jigsaw Puzzle
Science Museum History Heroes: Space
Kanoodle Genius Game
Solar System Floor Puzzle Large
Jigsaw Moon 1
 National Railway Museum Mallard 3D Puzzle
Codenames Card Game
20 Questions Game
Science Museum History Heroes: Scientists
Women in Science Puzzle
Decrypto board game
Science Museum History Heroes: Inventors
Science Fiction Playing Cards
OrganATTACK! Board Game
Einstein Atom Puzzle
Science Museum History Heroes: London

Set your mind to the test with a science-inspired puzzle, ideal for afternoon fun with all the family. You’ll be able to construct, solve and play while completing one of these educational challenges.