Physics and engineering kits

Discover the secrets of construction, illusions and mechanics with our physics & engineering sets. Budding scientists can prove the laws of physics, create magnetic fields and build models with our range of entertaining physics & engineering experiments.

Design and Drill Race Car
Science Museum Mio The Robot 2.0
60 Second Paper Planes kit
Science Museum Helicopter Mechanics Kit
GeoSafari Motorized Solar System
Science Museum Walking Bot
Build Your Own Wind Turbine Science Kit
Design & Drill Build Your Own Rocket Kit
Gross Science Thinking Time Kit 1
Green Science Electro Torch
Green Rocket Science Kit
3-In-1 Mini Solar Robot Kit
Action & Reaction Loop-The-Loop
Action & Reaction Trampoline
Science Museum Action and Reaction Starter Set
Science Museum Monster Truck Kit
Science Museum Police Car Kit
Smartmax Magnetic Kit
Science Museum Space Mechanics Laboratory Kit
Electrokit 198 Experiments
Science Museum Roadster Mechanics Kit
Science Museum Mechanics Buggy Quad Kit
Inorganic/Organic Student set
Pressure Powered Car Kit

Discover the secrets of physics & engineering with our sets. Prove the laws of physics, create magnetic fields and build models through fun experiments.