For budding astronauts and astronomers, browse our selection of space-themed gifts.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich Space Food
Strawberry Space Food
Science Museum Astronaut Suit Pyjamas
Science Museum Planet Erasers
Science Museum Planet Map Mug
Glow in the Dark Solar System
Explorer Telescope 30mm Tripod 1
Science Museum Planetarium Activity Book
Science Museum Glow-In-The-Dark Planets Kids T-shirt
Astronaut Lip Balm Set
Science Museum Children's Colour in Space T-shirt - Clothing - Science Museum Shop
Deep Space Home Planetarium And Projector 1
Science Museum Planetarium Junior Edition
The Star Mug
Glow in the Dark Stars & Planets
Science Museum NASA Baseball Cap
Colour Change Planets Mug-2
Astronaut Duck
Science Museum Space Junk T-shirt
Science Museum Space Christmas Jumper
Science Museum NASA Children's Hoodie
Jr. Astronaut Helmet
Putty Planet Set 9 1
Science Museum Space Mechanics Laboratory Kit

Browse our selection of fun space themed gifts. Our Science Museum gifts are a great way to inspire little budding astronauts and big kids alike.