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    NASA Keyring

    This metal NASA keyring is an ideal pick up item that is great for adding character to keys and bags. It features the NASA Crew Logo.

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    Science Museum First Explorers Astronauts

    Take a journey into space with First Explorers Astronauts book! Use the chunky push, pull and slide mechanisms to blast a rocket into the sky, repair the International Space Station and discover just how astronauts go to sleep. With small bite-size facts on every page and things to spot too,…

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    Science Museum History Heroes: Space

    History Heroes’ SPACE quiz card game contains individual cards of forty of the most significant characters in Space. In this era of renewed fascination and ever-increasing hunger for space exploration, History Heroes’ SPACE game gives a fantastic overview of 40 characters and objects that have…

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    Science Museum I Need Space T-shirt

    Show the world your love of space with the 100% combed cotton jersey I Need Space t-shirt, designed exclusively for the Science Museum. The I Need Space t-shirt is size extra large and is also available in the folowing sizes: Small: Chest: 39.5in/100cm, Length: 27.5in/70cm Medium: Chest:…

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    Science Museum NASA Children's Hoodie

    Feel part of the NASA space crew with this Children's hoodie featuring the classic NASA logo designed exclusively for the Science Museum. Printed in the UK.

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    Science Museum NASA Children's T-shirt

    Feel part of the NASA space crew with this t-shirt featuring the classic NASA logo designed exclusively for the Science Museum. Printed in the UK. Machine Washable, 100% cotton.

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    Science Museum NASA Magnet

    Make your fridge truly out-of-this-world with the exclusively designed Science Museum NASA Magnet. This handy magnet will help hold a future astronaut’s homework on the fridge.

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    Science Museum NASA Pin Badge

    Attach this NASA Pin Badge, designed exclusively for the Science Museum, to your clothes and accessories and feel part of the NASA crew! This enamel NASA badge is an ideal pick up item that is great for adding character to clothing and bags.

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    Science Museum NASA Worm Logo Mug

    Sip your morning coffee the way the astronauts do with a NASA Worm Logo Mug, designed exclusively for the Science Museum.

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    Science Museum Virtual Reality Goggles

    Developed for the Science Museum, the Virtual Reality Goggles can turn almost any mobile phone into a Virtual Reality Viewer within seconds. Quickly construct them then immerse yourself in a host of virtual reality worlds or create your own videos using an app to play with them. This product can…

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    Smartphone Hologram Projector

    Turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector with this Smartphone Hologram Projector. Based on the theory of ÒPeppers GhostÓ, you can now turn your smartphone into a hologram projector by casting an image, animation or video clip onto the clear underside surface of the hologram visualiser…

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    Smartphone Projector

    The cardboard Smartphone Projector is the perfect thing for projecting your favourite films or photos onto the wall using just your phone! Great for whenever you want to set up visuals for a house party, have a lazy duvet day watching films or simply watch music videos with your friends. Assemble…

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    Space Magnetic Dartboard

    This out-out-of this world Magnetic Dartboard with space design will have you aiming for the stars as you try hit the targets. Try your hand at darts with this pace themed Dartboard, with a bright colourful design in which will have you aiming your darts at rockets and stars. 

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    Strawberry Space Food

    Experience strawberries the same way astronauts do with this freeze-dried Strawberry Space Food. These strawberries, and other space food, continue to be used on NASA missions today. As you eat the strawberries, your mouth rehydrates the strawberries, restoring them to their original state. The…

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    Table Top Robot

    Assemble the Table Top Robot, a robotic crab that can detect the edges of any platform and make swift turns to avoid falling off. Turn it on and put it on the table to watch it perform stunning acrobatics - great for learning about robotics! Included in the kit: 8 x Legs, 1 x Transparent Cover, 1…

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    Tangle Jr. Metallics

    Twist and turn the Tangle Jr. to make a variety of shapes and squiggles in the palm of your hand. Comes in a variety of funky metallic colours. Please note: when ordered the colour will be chosen at random.

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    The Star Mug

    The heat-change constellation cuppa! Add your hot drink to the Star Mug and watch the starry sky reveal 6 well-known constellations. Perfect for budding astronomers!

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    To the Moon and Back

    To the Moon and Back is in celebration of the Apollo 11 Mission's 50th Anniversary. This pop-up adventure will help you experience the awe and excitement of humankind's first steps on the moon! Including Buzz Aldrin's firsthand accounts of the mission, historical context, stunning images, and…

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    Volcano Making Kit

    Learn how to make your very own volcano and watch it erupt with bubbly fizzy lava with this great Volcano Making Kit. This great science set shows you how to make the volcano with the plaster and mould provided, paint in the lava flow and landscape your volcano and then make the volcano erupt using…

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    Women in Science Puzzle

    This completed puzzle reveals short biographies of 15 of the most pivotal women in science, technology, enginerring and mathematics. Learn about the trailblazing discoveries made from the likes of Grace Hopper to Marie Curie. The puzzle comes with a 18 x 24 inch poster that demonstrates what the…

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    World's Smallest Voice Changer

    Modify your voice for fun effect with the World's Smallest Voice Changer. This little gadget distorts and amplifies anything that is said in four differing sounding voices. The World's Smallest Voice Changer measures 5.1 cm x 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm and the battery is included. A colour will be selected…