Gifts under £30

Science-inspired gifts for less than £30. Perfect for present bundles or secret Santa. We have a range of fun gifts for all ages, from science kits to quirky desk lamps and of course our Christmas Jumpers.

Science Museum Penguin Kids Christmas Jumper
Special 10% off
XMAS Jumper Day
Night Mission Goggles
Plasma Ball 6 Inch
My First Microscope 300x
Science Museum Theme Park Kit - Kits - Science Museum Shop
Science Mad Microscope 100x - Scientific Instruments - Science Museum Shop
Space Adventure Space Shuttle Set - Play - Science Museum Shop
Space Adventure Space Station Set - Play - Science Museum Shop
NASA Floating Space Shuttle - Kits - Science Museum Shop
Cool Circuits - Puzzles - Science Museum Shop
Puzzling Obscurities Game
Logiblocs Spy Tech Kit
Science Museum Mio The Robot 2.0 - Robotics - Science Museum Shop
Intro to Engineering Kit
Newton's Cradle - Kinetic Mobiles - Science Museum Shop 5
Pin Art - Home Accessories - Science Museum Shop
Galileo Thermometer - Kinetic Mobiles - Science Museum Shop
Game Retro Dance Mat - Games - Science Museum Shop
360 Stunt Buggy - Robotics - Science Museum Shop
Robo Frog
Design and Drill Sparklebot
Design and Drill Robot
My First Telescope
National Railway Museum Bigjigs Azuma - Kids Railways Models - Science Museum Shop

Explore our captivating science-inspired gifts, all priced under £30. Whether you're looking for science kits, fun desk lamps, or even our festive Christmas jumpers, our diverse range caters to all ages and guarantees a delightful gifting experience.