Tech gifts

Explore our wide selection of gifts, gadgets and gizmos, which celebrate the wonders of technology. From robots, to drones and computing merchandise, our selection of gadgets and gizmos will excite the tech enthusiasts in your life.

Curiscope Children's Virtuali-Tee T-shirt
Science Museum History Of The Computer T-shirt - Clothing - Science Museum Shop
Smartphone Hologram Projector
Science Museum History of the Computer Mug
Logiblocs Spy Tech Kit
Science Museum Virtual Reality Goggles
Curiscope Virtuali-Tee T-shirt - Clothing - Science Museum Shop
Plasma Ball Lamp
Periodic Table Portable USB Charger
Smartphone Projector
PlayStation Stress Controller
World's Smallest RC Helicopter
Mini Karaoke Microphone
RC Mini Quadcopter
Cyber Flyer
Twister Colour Changing Lamp
Robot in a Can 1
Mini Drone X20
 Retro Mini Arcade Machine
Motion Control Drone
Retro Handheld Console (v2)
Wall Climbing Car
Hand Controlled Car
Retro Game Console

Explore the Science Museum's selection of gifts and gadgets celebrating technology. From the latest tech accessories, to robots and drones.