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Find solar-powered tech gifts, astronomy inspired coasters and items from the Eclipse range that uses imagery from the Indonesian eclipse in 2016.

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    Global Warming effects Mug

    Support the efforts to help educate the world about the consequences of our warming world, with this heat senstive mug that reveals the scary reality of the effects of global warming. Parts of the mug disappear as they are heated with your morning brew, leaving behind an accurate representation of…

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    Greenwich Sundial

    Use this pocketsized sundial wherever you are, pop the solid brass sundial into it's protective velvet case and take out to use whenever you like. Featuring a compass for accurate alignment and latitudes set for 50 degrees North meaning it will be most accurate in England and Northern Europe!…

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    Little Sun Diamond Lamp

    The pocket-sized Little Sun Diamond Lamp means you can take a bit of light with you wherever you go. The innovative design, by Olafur Eliasson, needs 5 hours of sunlight to provide 5 hours of light, which then dims to a useful light. The lamp is multipurpose as it can be used for reading with a…

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    Little Sun Original Lamp

    The original design from Little Sun, by Olafur Eliasson, is a compact solar-powered LED lamp with various brightness settings. The iconic sunflower design is portable and perfect for environmentally-friendly kids adventures, camping or accessorising your garden. The Little Sun Original Lamp can be…

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    Science Museum Aurora Lamp

    The Aurora Mood Lamp will add a calming atmosphere to any room as the lights are projected onto any walls and ceiling. Based upon the Auroro Borealis (Northern Lights) the light strands resemble the natural phenomenon found when charged particles from the sun enter the Earth's atmosphere.

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    Science Museum Let The Sun Shine In Mug

    Come rain or shine, brighten up your tea break with this exclusively designed mug. Featuring the iconic Let the Sun Shine graphic that was incredibly popular in the 1970s, this mug will show your support for the solar energy movement whilst carrying your favourite hot drink. If you like this…

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    Solar Lantern Lamp

    No batteries needed wth this Solar Powered Lantern Lamp, light-up and show the way as the lamp is charged by the suns power during the day. With an easy-grip handle, this lamp is perfect for your children to learn about the uses of the suns power and renewable energy concepts. There is also a fun…

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    Solar Powered Light-up Mason Jar

    This solar-powered light up mason jar is a great addition to light up any outdoor space, or create an indoor atmsophere. The clever jar captures sunshine throughout the day and switches on automatically when the sun sets, the frosted effect gives the appearance of sunlight exuding from the simple…