Science Museum Space Snow Globe


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Made exclusively for the Science Museum, our snow globe is like no other, celebrating the icons of space exploration. Take a peek inside and you’ll see a number of recognisable figures from throughout the years.

These include; Laika the dog who was the first animal to orbit the Earth, Sokol-KV2 the main Russian space suit worn on the Soyuz spacecraft, a space shuttle to represent the reusable spacecraft used by NASA and Sputnik 1 which was the first satellite sent into space by humans. When shaken, the glitter adds a twinkle of magic, providing the perfect remembrance to these unforgettable achievements.

Key features:
• Made from glass with inside glitter that moves when shaken.
• Ideal for 8 + years.

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Resin, glass, treated water, glitter, plastic (box)

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Product dimensions

8.5 cm x 6cm

Safety warning

This is not a toy. Not suitable for 0-3 years old. Children under 8 years old must have direct adult supervision.

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