Volcano Making Kit


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Learn how to make your very own volcano and watch it erupt with bubbly fizzy lava with this great Volcano Making Kit. This great science set shows you how to make the volcano with the plaster and mould provided, paint in the lava flow and landscape your volcano and then make the volcano erupt using baking soda and vinegar. The volcano eruption can be repeated over and over again!

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The volcano making kit contains:
- volcano mould (2 parts)
- 2 packages of fine quality plaster
- a paint strip
- brush
- stirring tool
- fun graphic boards for decoration
- a volcanic scene
- baking soda
- detailed instructions.

- Please note that vinegar is required, not included in the kit.

When constructed, the volcano is approximately 9.5 cm tall.


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When constructed, the volcano is approximately 9.5 cm tall

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