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An accessible yet enlightening handbook exploring London's rich history as a world-leading city of science. Richly illustrated with a myriad of scientific and mathematical instruments, drawings, paintings and maps

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Official companion to a new gallery opening at the Science Museum in autumn 2019.

Many cities around the world could claim to have a rich scientific history. However, between 1550 and 1800, London fostered its very own particular brand of scientific enquiry and practice. Home to the world-famous Royal Society - which boasts membership from figures such as Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton - London encouraged and facilitated scientific expansion. Science City explores London as a world-leading nexus of administration for ambitious scientific projects, as well as a place to obtain exceptional scientific equipment. The story of the city is richly illustrated with objects, artefacts and maps, many of which are from the Science Museum's extraordinary collection of scientific and mathematical instruments. Science City is published to accompany a new gallery at the Science Museum, scheduled to open in the autumn of 2019.

Authors Alexandra Rose; Jane Desborough. Publisher Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers. Hardback. 176 pages.


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