Bags and accessories

Equip yourself with a principle of science by choosing one of our bags, totes or accessories,

Periodic Table Glasses Case
Periodic Table Storage Bag
Jetpack Backpack
Hype X Science Museum Astronaut Backpack
Periodic Table Water Bottle
Periodic Table Lunchbox
Hype X Science Museum Wallet Silver
LDN Water Bottle Nebula 1
Science Museum NASA Umbrella
Science Museum Rocket Lunch Box
Periodic Table Bamboo Travel Mug
Hype X Science Museum Reflective Speckle Backpack
Science Museum Planet Map Travel Card Holder
Science Museum NASA Luggage Tag
Science Museum Mathematic Equations Tote Bag
Root7 X Science Museum Northern Lights Water Bottle
Periodic Table Flask
Hype X Science Museum Space Backpack Pastel
Science Museum Brain Anatomy Tote Bag
Hype X Science Museum Bum Bag Silver
Science Museum Skull Anatomy Pocket Mirror
Root7 Chameleon Blue Water Bottle 1
Science Museum Colour Changing Umbrella
Science Museum GCHQ Tote Bag

From mathematic equations to Hype space-ready backpacks and galaxy water bottles, our selection of bags, totes, wallets and travel accessories is ready to equip you for the day ahead.