Clothing and accessories

Be unique and wear fashion inspired by the principles of science

Science Museum Rocket Lunch Box
Curiscope Children's Virtuali-Tee T-shirt
Science Museum Children's Colour in Space T-shirt
Science Museum Human Ingredients T-shirt
Hype X Science Museum Astronaut Backpack
Science Museum NASA Children's T-shirt
Science Museum Skeleton Anatomy T-shirt
Curiscope Virtuali-Tee T-shirt
LDN Water Bottle Nebula 1
Jetpack Backpack
Science Museum NASA Baseball Cap
Science Museum GCHQ T-shirt
LDN Apollo Women's t-shirt 1
LDN PMAP T-Shirt Planet Map
Science Museum NASA Worm Women's T-shirt
Science Museum NASA Meatball Black T-shirt
Science Museum History Of The Computer T-shirt
Science Museum Space Junk T-shirt
Science Museum NASA Children's Hoodie
Chatty Feet Einstoe Socks
Science Museum Skull Anatomy Pocket Mirror
Periodic Table Lunchbox
Periodic Table Bamboo Travel Mug
Periodic Table Flask

Inspire others with unique style and detail; explore the Space Junk and Planet Map ranges inspired by space; the elements-inspired Periodic Table range, or become a spy with the GCHQ range.